Killa nicotine pouches are known for it's flavors

Killa nicotine pouches is a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free alternatives to cigarettes. Killa nicotine pouches are also called Killapods and are mainly known for their wide range of flavors and the high nicotine content. In the range you will find many exciting and experimental flavors that will give you a new experience. Killa nicotine pouches are manufactured by the company NGP Empire which also manufactures the extremely strong nicotine pouches named Pablo.


A nicotine strength of 16mg/g

Killa nicotine pouches are known for the strong nicotine experience that the product gives. All varieties in the range of Killa has a nicotine level of 16mg/g. This makes Killapods classified as extra strong and is only recommended for experienced users. Compared to the classic snus and regular nicotine pouches that has a nicotine level of 8mg/g, Killapods are twice as strong.